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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
1/18/1842 Mahadev Govind Ranade was born. He was the chief architect of Bombay Prathana Samaj.
1/18/1906 Nirupam Chandra Ganguli, criminal lawyer and sportsman, was born at Bhagalpur.
1/18/1913 Gandhiji refers in ''Indian Opinion'' the possibility of return home to India by mid-year.
1/18/1925 Gajanan Johari, famous Marathi writer, was born.
1/18/1930 Gurudev Rabindranath Thakur (Tagore) and Mahatma Gandhi met at Sabarmati Ashram.
1/18/1932 Shyam Nandan Kishore, great educationist, was born at Muzaffarpur.
1/18/1936 Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), famous English writer and author, died in Burwash, England at 70. He was a young journalist in British India. He wrote in verses, stories, novels childen's stories some of these were ""The Jungle Book, Kim and Just-50 stories"" and was honoured with the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907 for 'Kim' (Indian based story).
1/18/1938 The last batch of the political prisioners sailed back to the mainland from the Cellular Jail.
1/18/1942 Gandhiji restarts 'Harijan' and allied weeklies.
1/18/1947 Kundanlal Saigal, famous film star and unique singer, died at Jalandhar.
1/18/1948 Gandhi breaks 121-hour fast in New Delhi, after halting of Muslim-Hindu riots in Calcutta. He breaks the fast on security pledges from communal leaders who ""Peace Pledge"" to Gandhiji.
1/18/2000 India and the US resume talks to narrow their differences on the CTBT.
1/18/2000 S. S. Dawra is appointed new Director of the Enforcement Directorate.
1/18/1950 India is declared a secular republic. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru (1947-1964) is determined to abolish casteism and industrialize the nation. Constitution makes Hindi official national language, English to continue for 15 years, 14 major state languages are recognized. India also moved a motion for no war treaty between India and Pakistan to improve the relations with neighboring countries.
1/18/1950 Batubhai Umarwadia, father of Gujrati literature's English type and drama writer, passed away.
1/18/1959 Miss Meera Behn, follower of Gandhi, left India for good.
1/18/1963 Laxminarayn Sahu, litterateur, journalist and social reformer, passed away.
1/18/1968 The Resolution on Official Languages was passed by both the houses of the Parliament wherin the need to formulate a more intensive and comprehensive programme for the progressive use of Hindi for Official purposes, preparing annual assessment report for reviewing the progress, formulating a programme for the co-ordinated development of the other languages included in the 8th schedule alongwith Hindi, adopting of a tri-langual formula, making the knowledge of either Hindi or English compulsory for recruitment to the services of the Union, and inclusion of all the languages of the 8th schedule of the Constitution and English as the optional medium for the exams conducted by the union Public Service Commission at the appropriate time, has been stressed.
1/18/1969 Prajapita Brahma, great social reformer and freedom fighter, passed away.
1/18/1970 Kishan Singh at Cuttack sets record for 50 Km 4.19.48.
1/18/1971 Barrister Nath Pai, freedom fighter and member of parliament, passed away at the age of 49.
1/18/1972 Vinod Ganpat Kambli, cricketer (prolific Indian batsman 1993-), was born in Bombay.
1/18/1977 Morarji Desai and other opposition leaders were released from jail and Lok Sabha was dissolved by the president during the emergency period.
1/18/1978 Shri Bhim Sen Sachar, freedom fighter, leader and Chief Minister of Punjab, passed away.
1/18/1980 Assam agitation turns violent; Army called in.
1/18/1982 Six thousand labor activists arrested in two days and national strike called in New Delhi.
1/18/1983 Indi Singh, Soccer(Football) player, was born in Vancouver, Canada.
1/18/1985 Spy ring cracked. Top Government officials, businessmen held.
1/18/1990 Farooq Abdullah, J&K CM, quits.
1/18/1992 Ordinance cuts minimum poll campaign time to 14 days from 20 days.
1/18/1992 Muthuswami Pillai, father of Bharat Natyam classical dance, passed away.
1/18/1994 A 12-point formula mooted to defuse the ministerial crisis.
1/18/1994 India hires the law firm McAuliffe, Kelly and Rafaelli for lobbying in Washington.
1/18/1994 Narasimha Rao decides to retain Veerappa Moily as Karnataka CM.
1/18/1995 Kumble takes 16-99 in a match for Karnataka vs Kerala.
1/18/1995 The 4-nation non-official initiative on Arms Reduction and Disarmament concludes with Goa Declaration (also called Shanghai-II).
1/18/1996 N. T. Rama Rao, chief minister of Andhra Pradesh (during 1983-84, 84-89, 94-95), passed away at Hydrabad.
1/18/1997 India's first electric car 'Reva' launched in Bangalore.
1/18/1997 Khanna Committee recommends more power to RBI over non-banking financial companies.
1/18/1997 Pulse Polio Immunisation Programme Phase II begins.
1/18/1997 SC says telephone tapping is violation of fundamental rights but permits it by government in special circumstances.
1/18/1998 India overtake a Pakistan total of 314 to win one-day final in Dhaka.
1/18/1998 Justice M. M. Punchhi is sworn in Chief Justice of India.
1/18/1999 Gul Panag (20) from Delhi was crowned Femina Miss India Universe at the Miss India 1999 beauty pageant in Pune.
1/18/1999 Prof. Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate, is selected for Bharat Ratna.
1/18/1999 The office of the Board of Control for Cricket in India is ransacked allegedly by Shiv Sainiks protesting agains Pakistan team's tour of India. Shiv Sena denies hand in attack.


Other Historical Dates and Events
11/18/1901V. Shantaram alias Shantaram Rajaram Vankudre, famous film maker and actor (Chitrapat Maharashi), was born.
8/1/1920Bipin Chandra Pal opposed to the Non Co-operation Movement and retired from politics, but movement was approved by Congress.
12/11/1881Subramania Bharati was born at Ettaiyapuram.
1/2/1943Vir Bhai Kotwal sacrificed his life.
12/27/1987Vijaypal Singh sets a record for TJ in 16.79s at Trivandrum .
4/22/1840James Princes, British research scientist and archeaologist, passed away.
4/3/1956Nehru announces that troops have been sent to control Naga tribal people in the Burmese border area, who are asking for a separate state.
2/16/1923Vishnu Moreshwar Mahajani, famous author, poet and playwright, passed away.
6/20/1985The Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian decoration, was presented to Mother Teresa by President Ronald Reagan.
3/13/1963Indian Govenment announced 'Arjun Awards' to boost the morale of various sports personalities.