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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
04/23/1504 Guru Angad, Sikh Guru, was born.
04/23/1751 Gilbert Aliat Minto, governor general of East India Company, was born.
04/23/1774 British Commander Colonel Chapman defeated Rohilla's army and captured Ruhelkhand.
04/23/1795 East India Company gave Warren Hastings a grant of the money and he was honourably acquitted of the charges.
04/23/1858 Pandita Ramabai, social reformer and philosopher, was born in the State of Mysore.
04/23/1913 Dhananjay Vithal Keer, famous biogropher, was born.
04/23/1926 Madhavrao Sapre, great political leader, passed away.
04/23/1928 Narasimha Murtey, educationist, was born at Nandur, A.P.
04/23/1929 Ranjit Film Co. was founded by Chandulal Shah and Gohar at Bombay.
04/23/1929 The Fate of the Outlaw', a 7-reel film produced by Majestic Film Co. was prohibited by the Board of Censors, Bombay, on April 23 on the grounds that the film glorifieds crime.
04/23/1930 Riots break out in Peshawar; 20 Indians shot down after killing of three Britishers.
04/23/1938 Viceroy Lord Linlithgow opens the hydro-electric scheme at Malakand.
04/23/1946 Commonwealth Occupation Forces in Japan, exchanging its Spitfire Vllls for Mk XlVs in October and arriving in Japan aboard HMS vengence.
04/23/1955 Political Committee of Asian-African Conference at Bandung adopted an Indian resolution calling for a ban on atomic weapons.
04/23/1959 Peking Radio reports say that Chinese troops defeated rebels in south-eastern Tibet and have closed Tibet's borders with India and Burma.
04/23/1968 Bade Gulam Ali Khan, famous ghazal singer, passed away.
04/23/1987 Supreme Court in a judgement confers Hindu widows absolute ownership of property under Hindu Succession Act 1956.
04/23/1991 Major parties agree to have polls in Punjab.
04/23/1992 Satyajit Ray, internationally famous Indian film producer-director, Bharat Ratna Awardee, passed away at the age of 70.
04/23/1994 Ibrahim Sulaiman Sait, former Indian Union Muslim League president, floats a new party - the Indian National League.
04/23/2000 Mumbai regains Ranji Trophy.


Other Historical Dates and Events
08/29/1926Ramkrishna Hegde, former Central Cabinet Minister and Chief Minister of Karnataka, was born.
12/27/1992Dhananjay Bhattacharya, famous Bengali singer, died.
04/12/1992M. Basavapunniah (77),Communist leader, passed away.
01/21/1983R. D. Katari, the first Indian Admiral of Indian Army, passed away.
06/19/1990NDC approves approach paper to the Eighth Plan.
12/05/1991Sarkaria report accepted.
02/25/2000The Supreme Court stays the Madras High Court order discharging the former Chief Minister and AIADMK supremo, Ms. Jayalalitha, from the two TANSI deal cases.
10/30/1976Elections to the lower house of the Indian Parliament suspended again until early 1978.
02/02/1949Press Trust of India' was established.
10/25/1296Saint Gyaneshwar passed away. (Samadhee).