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Meditation in Bedford

Event Type: Yoga & Meditation

Admission : $300 for 3 days including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What is Meditation, and why it is needed?

Meditation simply means living with relaxed awareness, It is not concentration, but attention without tension. Consciousness is equivalent to life it self

Awareness enhances quality of life by increasing sensitivity.

Makes living stress free, relations more loving and friendly

A meditator enjoys day to day activities in a much better way Lives moment to moment, without burden of past or future

More mental awareness means more intelligence, which brings Better decisions, actions, responses and positive emotions

This means increased efficiency - more results with less efforts

More body awareness results in better health
Good sleeping, eating and exercising habits

Meditation transforms our psychological pain and reveals spiritual bliss

It makes us free from unnecessary fears

Because we realize the mystery of eternal life within our self.

Meditation is celebration, not renunciation

It is appreciation of what we have, with sense of gratitude

The law of existence is wonderful-

It gives more to that person who does not complain or demand

But who feels thankfulness for what is already given

Welcome to dance, sing, laugh and celebrate

This is how we Osho's disciples meditate

In the beginning a new meditator needs to learn few methods

After some practice, that quality of consciousness becomes an integral part of life

Then techniques are not necessary any more

Know meditation, Know life

No meditation, No life


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Event Information: Meditation

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