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Become a Digital Analyst

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Become a Digital Analyst by Optizent in Online

Event Type: IT Training

Admission : Signup today for $1299, original $1500

Instructor led online class will be held on weekend on Saturday from 10:00 am- 3:00 pm

We provide Training in several areas to start a new career, support your new career or enhance your SQL.

Currently we will be covering these topics:

1. Digital Analytics - go from Zero to Hero in just a month with extensive in-depth training.

2. Tableau - Learn the hottest tool in Data Visualization
3. SQL - Pickup the fundamentals of SQL, a pre requisite to pretty much an data and analytics course and job.

We teach skills and support you through your interview process. We do not provide placement services though we do provide connections with the recruiting companies.

We do not sponsor H1B, though we can put you in touch with recruiters and companies who might be able to sponsor H1B.

Signup today.


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Event Information: Become a Digital Analyst by Optizent

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This event occured in past


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